All You Need to Know About the All-new Metaverse Glasses


Metaverse has unveiled the Quest Pro VR Headset, which will be launched on October 25, allowing users to interact with virtual environments against the backdrop of the real world around them. Here’s everything you need to know about Quest Pro VR Headset.

Exclusive Features

Metaverse has added many updates to (Quest Pro) compared to the current model of glasses (Quest 2) that dominate the VR market, as they are equipped with cameras directed outward that transmit a live three-dimensional broadcast of the physical environment surrounding the person who uses them, allowing the creation of mixed reality, giving the user the ability to hang a virtual painting on a wall in the real world.


The Quest Pro has been developed to be lighter and thinner than its predecessors, with a thin lens and a battery that has been relocated to the back of the glasses. Also, it is equipped with sensors that can simulate the eye movements and facial expressions of users, giving the sense that avatars are making eye contact like humans.

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