How does Social Eye find influencers for your brand?

  • Social Eye Identifies influencers by hand

The initial step for Social Eye to begin its use of influencer marketing is often to conduct a manual influencer search. Social Eye has worked with the top influencers in the MENA region. Contact us to know more about them for your brand marketing.

  • Using hashtags to search

You may frequently view posts from creators in your niche by directly searching within a social media site utilising keywords as hashtags. Social Eye gets research on who the biggest creators are in the field through the use of hashtags.

  • influential people

Social Eye has a list of influencers within a particular industry specialty and industry media. It’s a terrific place to start if you want to get to know the most well-known producers in your field.

  • Industry media

Social Eye is always up to date through reading newsletters, following industry blogs, and going to events. Social Eye learns about industry leaders and up-and-coming talent firsthand by interacting with the media and has the best database with over 800+ influencers.

  • Utilize your website and social media to find influencers.

Check out our website and add your details if you feel your social media presence has an impact on the audience in any way.

  • Search a database of influencers.

Social Eye enables you to apply filters to focus your search and locate the most appropriate fit for your business. The influencer search tool features more than 15 advanced filters, including social media channels, audience demographic filters, keywords, follower count, and many others. This strategy will produce a big number of influencers right away on Social Eye, who can then be narrowed down until you have a strong influencer shortlist to start contacting.


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