How does Social Eye work?

Social Eye is a platform where you may find influencers to endorse or market your company’s products or services, with many tools to make your search less daunting and more effective. Social Eye provides a quicker and more efficient than traditional networking and searching methods.

The social eye network is growing daily, and more and more influencers are joining in on the hype. All audience sizes are available at your disposal, from nano influencers with a few thousand followers to mega influencers with millions of followers.

How does Social Eye work?


Social Eye has a database of over 800+ influencers ranging from Nano to Mega Influencers. The database collects all their information, from their Social Media Pages to their brand associations and campaigns. The database also has information on nationality, languages spoken, and country of residence.

How does Social Eye choose the best influencer for your brand?


To ensure that you choose the finest influencers for your brand, Social eye conducts thorough research. When examining a potential influencer’s profile, Social eye takes it important to take into account their target demographic, how well they fit with your business, and their overall performance.

When searching for influencers, the following three questions are kept in consideration.

  1. Are they consistent with the ideals of your company?

Social Eye makes sure that the influencers are the most qualified individuals to represent your company. To do this, confirm that they are already producing content that is pertinent to your sector. For example, You wouldn’t seek a YouTube crypto influencer to help promote your vegan beauty company. Make sure your producers are in line with your industry niche by checking their social media feeds and previous brand partnerships. Social Eye makes sure your influencers are in line with your business’s beliefs if you want them to post genuine material about your brand. For instance, a vegan cosmetics firm shouldn’t collaborate with an influencer who also promotes a company that sells leather handbags.


  1. Does their target market overlap with yours?

Social eye makes it their goal to find new potential customers and persuade them to purchase your goods. The influencers’ audience reflects the demographic of the customers the brand is trying to reach for the strategy to be effective. Social Eye makes sure to examine information about the area, language, gender, and age of the audience of the influencer. The audience of the influencer is similar to the target market for the brand client. For instance, if the client runs a Business software that caters to working women in big cities around the Middle East, Social Eye might search for influencers whose followers are primarily female Millennials who reside in MENA.


  1. Will they provide outcomes and aid in maximizing ROI?

Social Eye helps even if a brand has a small marketing budget, it carefully invests in alliances that will benefit your brand. Social Eye looks at the influencer’s performance metrics whether their goal is to increase brand exposure, engagement, or sales.


Here is a list Social Eye follows to assist you in getting started:


  • Count of followers
    It’s critical to understand how big the influencer’s audience is. If you want to collaborate with micro-influencers, confirm that their audience size is under the definition of “micro,” which is typically between 10,000 and 50,000. The amount you will pay the influencer can occasionally be influenced by their audience size. In general, mega and macro-influencers with enormous fan bases will demand a far higher payment than nano- or micro-influencers. Social Eye has these categories in the follower’s region.

    This is the tiniest influencer group! These users are known as “new influencers” with 0-1,000 followers, a new journey on Social Media.

    This is the influencer group who have just started growing! Social media users are known as “nano influencers” have a modest but engaged following. With their specific material, they will have 1,000–10,000 followers who interact with them. 


    Micro-influencers have a modest social media following of between 10,000 and 50,000 people. This enables them to establish strong, genuine bonds with their followers, who regard them as respected authorities in their field. Micro-influencers can be found on YouTube, Instagram, and other sites. 

    Mid Tier influencer
    These influencers are already with a strong loyal followers base. Typically, they have 100K to 500K followers. Mid Tier Influencers appeal to audiences with a broad range of interests and have a strong internet presence. 

    Macro influencers typically have more than 500K followers on social media. Their enormous social following enables brands to reach a broad, mainstream audience. They typically work exclusively on brand collaborations and sponsorships as professional social media creators. 

    Mega -influencer
    Mega Influencers are usually Celebrity influencers who are well-known people who have a global following of over a million followers. Their fame extends beyond their use of social media. They have a sizable internet fan base thanks to their widespread appeal. They are typically well-known for their work as actors, singers, musicians, TV hosts, etc.

  •  Actual following percentage
    Along with the total number of followers, Social Eye also knows what proportion of an influencer’s followers are real (as opposed to automated) users. Unfortunately, false followers and bots are widespread on some social media platforms, so social eye ensures the influencer is aiming their content at actual people. Usually, working with influencers who have at least 85% actual followers or more is a good general rule.


  • Engagement
    Social Eye will research how well the influencer’s material will do by learning about their engagement rate. Even if the influencer has 5 million followers, they won’t likely benefit the brand if their postings are largely disregarded by their followers. An influencer’s content engagement can be gauged by looking at the average engagement rate, average likes, shares, and comments.


Information about the influencers is available for you to read, such as their audience size, place of birth, ethnicity, marital status, and all the different social media platforms they use. Here is a sample database for you to understand how we collect data on the influencers.



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