Mona Kattan Joins Dubai Bling Season 2

Mona Kattan, the co-founder of Huda Beauty and founder of Kayali, will be starring in Dubai Bling season 2 by Netflix according to Harper’s Bazaar Arabia.

However, neither the release date nor the other cast members have been revealed by the platform yet.

Mona was reportedly offered a part in Season 1 but the Dubai-based star turned it down because of a disagreement on the storyline. “Mona was the big-name superstar that was going to carry to show. But she refused to do it in the end, and Netflix had to completely change the stories and cast to make somehow it work,” a source told Arabian Business back in September.

“Dubai Bling season one, launched exclusively on Netflix on October 27th, 2022, to global success, trending in the Global Top 10 for Non-English series for four weeks in a row and reaching the top 10 list in 47 countries around the world,” said Netflix.


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