Snapchat Plus: Exclusive Features for a More Fun App!

Snapchat has announced a new set of exclusive and experimental features for users who subscribe to the Snapchat+ paid version; The features are set to reach 12 exclusive ones, making the application more enjoyable.

Snapchat Plus Exclusive Features

Snapchat clarified that the updated Snapchat Plus subscription will include a Custom Story Expiration feature which allows subscribers to add stories that expire after one hour or even one week.

Custom Notification Sounds feature has also been added to allow users to set different ringtones for their friends so they can know who is calling without looking at their phones.

The new exclusive features also include the Custom Camera Color Border feature that helps users set specific background colors while taking and uploading photos in the app. Snapchat+ will also include 3 new exclusive Bitmoji wallpapers that provide app users with new ways to decorate and personalize their profiles.

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