Top Cooking Influencers to Follow in Ramadan

We all know that during the month of Ramadan when the sun sets, it is time for Iftar! Ramadan is a month of fasting, introspection, and trying to become better Muslims but it is also a month of sharing, caring, and love.

There’s no better way to show love for family, friends, and colleagues other than food. During Suhoor and Iftar, especially Iftar, families and friends gather to break the fast together. In this article, know more about the best cooking influencers around the world one can follow to make delicious dishes during this holy month.


Ayesha resides in London, United Kingdom is the brains behind My Big Fat Halal Blog, the go-to resource for halal cuisines during iftar. She has a site where she posts all of the recipes for the unique foods she prepares and also has her own blog where she posts written Ramadan recipes for all of her followers. Click on the link for all her Ramadan recipes.

Hisham Baeshen

A content creator and internationally well-known chef from Saudi Arabia, Hisham has 4.1 million Instagram followers. He prepares Dishes from the Gulf, the Levant, and international cuisines, and all recipes are shared on his social media platform. Check out his Instagram for the best food recipes.

Hyderabadi Mom in Dubai

People may or may not know about the Taj Mahal, but everyone knows and craves Indian Hyderabadi food. Hyderabadi’s mom in Dubai is a home chef living in Dubai with the best Hyderabadi food recipes she shares with all her followers on Youtube. If anyone wants to try authentic food from India Hyderabad, check out her Youtube page. 

Anisa – Cook with Anisa

Anisa, author of the cookbook ‘The Ramadan Cookbook’ has special Ramadan recipes for all her followers on all her social media platforms as well. The popular chef, Anisa, is from the UK and has most of the recipes as a mix of Indian, South African, and Malawi.  Check out all her recipes which have been passed down from many generations. Here is the link to her Youtube page. 

Manal Alalem 

With 3.8 million Instagram followers, Kuwait-based Manal Alalem is a professional Palestinian Jordanian cook and TV chef. In addition to international cuisines and desserts, she is renowned for cooking Middle Eastern and Arab cuisines. Follow her on Instagram for easy recipes to make this Ramadan for guests at Iftar.

Bnt Alhashemi  

Kuwaiti chef of both Middle Eastern and foreign cuisine recipes, Bnt Alhashem attracted followers by offering simple recipes. She enjoys a following of close to 2 Million followers on Instagram. For the best recipes, follow her on Youtube.

Famidha Ashraf

Famidha is an expat living in Abu Dhabi and originally from Kerala, India. She has her own blog “But first Chai” where she shares well-written easy recipes for everyone to follow. From desserts to spicy snacks, she has everything on her blog. For all those looking for quick and easy recipes to follow this Ramadan, check out her blog.

Hajar Larbah

With more than a million followers on Instagram, Hajar Labah is famous among the youth for her delicious recipes. She has also recently started a Ramadan series with a special recipe for all 30 days of Ramadan. Follow her blog to know more about her e-cooking book and all her recipes.

Ali Basha   

Saudi food vlogger Ali Basha has 1.2 million Instagram followers. He is a popular chef who is known for providing recipes for cuisines from the most recognized restaurants while also sharing recipes from Saudi Arabian cuisine as well as other countries. Follow him on social media for recipes to try out during the holy month of Ramadan.

Chef Omar

The most well-known chef in the Arab world, Chef Omar, was the first to revolutionize cooking videos by showing you how to make the tastiest dishes in the most direct way. Omar likes to share delicacies from the Arab world, primarily from traditional Syrian cuisine. Chef Omar has 3 million YouTube subscribers, over 7 million Facebook fans, and almost 1 million TikTok followers. Follow his easy and delicious recipes on Youtube.

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