Top Influencers on Snapchat In The GCC

Snapchat has become one of the most favorite social media platforms for people to get an insight into their favorite influencers’ activities in a fancier way.

Many influencers tend to use it more than other platforms, as they know the amount of engagement from people on this platform and to what extent they depend on it. Some of these influencers are Gulf-based here are some of them.

1- Reem Nadar (reemnadar):

A Lebanese-based Kuwait comedian who posts funny videos, in addition to talking about serious life matters.

2- Fahad AlAradi (Fha_):

A Kuwaiti comedian who posted fun videos with his friends and uncle.

3- Bibi Alabdulmohsen (bibii_63):

A Kuwaiti beauty blogger and model. She shares her daily life on Snapchat and comments on beauty products being witty and honest, which makes her more popular than other influencers. She also talks about her travel destinations and works.

4- Sheikh Majed Al Sabah (majedalsabah):

a Kuwaiti royal and businessman. He owns luxurious fashion and perfume businesses that are famous in Kuwait and abroad. On Snapchat, he talks about his travels and works life to his followers.

5- Fouz AlFahad (therealfouz):

A Kuwaiti fashion and beauty blogger. Fouz shares make-up tutorials with her followers on Snapchat regularly. Most importantly, she owns a beauty salon in Kuwait called: TheRealFouzBeauty.

6- Ahmed Sharif (a.sharif92):

A Bahraini comedian who has gone viral and is known to many people because of his funny videos.

7- Noha Nabil (Nohastyleicon):

A TV host, poet, writer, fashion, and lifestyle blogger based in Kuwait. She posts fashionable styles to her followers on Snapchat, in addition to posting some beauty tips, make-up tutorials, and advertisements to many companies.

8- Taim AlFalasi (taimalfalasi):

An Emirati traveler, food, and lifestyle blogger. She shares her trips with her followers. She also posts videos or pictures of herself trying some food or beverages from different places. Taim is the founder of Tan, which is a Food & Beverage Digital Marketing, content creation, and branding network. Taim owns different restaurants in different parts of the country.

9- Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum (faz3):

The Crown Prince of Dubai shares his activities regularly on Snapchat with his followers, such as his adventures, travels, and love of wildlife.

10- Dalal AlDoub (Dalalid):

A Kuwaiti fashion and beauty blogger who talks about her daily clothing choices and personal makeup tips to her followers on Snapchat. She also does reviews about different beauty products.





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